Our core competency is seeking out and engaging senior decision makers in your target markets, to validate your business plan assumptions, test your product concept, or start the sales process. We can deliver results immediately. Not next quarter, NOW.??We have over 15 years of experience helping you solve these growth challenges:

  • Find your company’s sweet spot, where you can become most profitable, most quickly
  • Get your revenue model, product, pricing and positioning right…the first time
  • Quickly engage with critical early customers
  • Build the right channels to ramp revenue FAST

Our Clients

Tactics serves companies in the storage, enterprise software, wireless, networking, IC, and design software industries. Click here to see a representative list of our clients.

Our People

Tactics is staffed by seasoned executives who have first hand experience building new businesses from scratch. Everyone is focused on high tech. We have a flexible staffing model. Some people are permanent staff, and we have developed a network of specialist consultants that we can engage as needed. Click here to read descriptions of our principals and their backgrounds.