Mark Fuccio

Mark loves the thrill of creating new businesses. He has done this in established companies, on behalf of clients, on his own ventures. He recently concluded his position as Sr. Director, Products & Markets for Drobo (fka Data Robotics) – in 5 yrs he had many product management, marketing, and business development roles. He oversaw nine (9) hardware product launches and revenue growth from $0 to $40M in three (3) years.

Previously co-founded Tactics in 1995. He caught the internet boom and built a consulting practice helping companies in the networking hardware, enterprise software, semiconductor, and mechanical and electrical design tools create new products and companies. Before Tactics, he was at Silicon Graphics Inc (aka SGI) holding multiple roles in their OEM Subssstems Group that sold to system integrators.

Mark is a victim of a misspent youth, doing graduate studies and earning a BSEE from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He started his career doing software development at Philips Labs and Trilogy Systems Corp, and then found solving business problems dealing with technical products much more challenging.

Larry Blessman

Larry Blessman is a Pennsylvania native who graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked in high-tech for 30 years. He has held positions in ASIC design, applications engineering, product marketing and sales. His experience managing the product lifecycle, from cradle to grave affords him the ability to talk knowledgeably with engineers, engineer and corporate management. He has applied his interpersonal skills and product management abilities for Zycad Corporation, Quickturn Corporation, Actel Corporation. For a client, Larry recruited a group of 200 beta testers, and managed 150 of those through a beta test process. Before rejoining Tactics, Larry was at Quest Enterprises successfully selling firefighter turnout gear, a very undifferentiated product, by focusing on buyer’s needs and focusing on how his company’s unique manufacturing process and higher quality was a purchase with higher lifetime payback.

Larry can easily strike up a conversation with anyone. He has been known to keep an impatient interviewee talking for a half hour!  Past Tactics’ clients have been impressed with the candid assessments his interview techniques were able to reveal Whether they were looking for advice on how to improve their nascent products to better address market needs, or assisting their sales force with finding their first large customers, his interviews have provided a wealth of information to guide positioning, product development and, most importantly, to close sales.

Lorena Leon

Lorena is a California native. She earned an BS in business and MS in Economics both from San Jose State University. Guess what – she hates economics, but loves writing and problem solving. Client-side, Lorena has been responsible for events, marcom, advertising, webmaster, managing PR firms, and electronic marketing for companies in Silicon Valley. Agency-side, Lorena has been responsible for website development, company and launch, messaging.

Outside work, Lorena enjoys dance, and is a “foodie” who enjoys the seasonal, natural delicacies the San Francisco Bay area offers. She wanted to be an astronomer, but challenges from vector calculus, especially Green’s theorem, lead her into other academic pursuits.