Company Situation

Publically traded manufacturer of integrated circuits – field programmable gate arrays.

Key Problem

Low sales to major accounts, they wanted to displace larger competitors like Altera (ALTR) or Xilinx (XLNX). In the words of Janine Murphy, Director of Major Account Sales:

” Cisco has about 1,600 engineers. How do you reach out and touch them? How do you figure out which of those 1,600 engineers are the guys that can really make decisions? Who can really generate revenue for your company? There was no way we could do that. “

Tactics Solution

Major Account Sales Profiling Program: Tactics launched a rapid penetration into leading networking and communications equipment accounts where Actel had previously had limited success. Tactics profiled the organization, design teams, and schedules to understand when these accounts would consider new vendors.

Business Results

Tactics profiled requirements and introduced Actel’s sales force to 20 qualified design groups. The very first resulting sale to Cisco totaled more than $1.2 Million, more than ten times the previous year’s sales at that account. According to Janine Murphy:

” I would tell my CEO that without TACTICS I would not be as successful as I am today. There is no way that I have the breadth or the time to touch all of the people out there who might be Actel users.

Any selling organization has only two things. That is time and reputation. The better that we use our time, the more money that we are going to make. The salesperson who shows up at the front door completely prepared, understanding what the needs are and having a solution is the one that’s going to win the deal. Being prepared is how you build a good reputation. “