Company Situation

A funded startup that was selling on the east and west coasts. It just staffed a central region sales team.

Key Problem

Building a pipeline of sales opportunities in a newly staffed territory. In the words of Kathryn Kranen, CEO:

” When I called TACTICS, it was because I was opening up a brand new sales territory in the US. Verisity had never been offered before in the Central United States. I hired an Area Director who didn’t know the vast majority of the customers or prospects for our products. I called TACTICS hoping that they would develop a huge pipeline of qualified prospects for us so that we could move them through our normal sales process. “

Tactics Solution

Tactics built a custom Strategic Opportunity Database for customers fitting Verisity’s target profile.

TACTICS rigorously marched through the territory to identify 500 accounts with integrated circuit design groups that met Verisity’s qualification requirements Over twelve months, Tactics engaged 60 “ready now” accounts who had PAIN and were able to evaluate new design tools. The other accounts were profiled in terms of key personnel, and more importantly TIME, when they would be able to evaluate purchase of new design tools.

Business Results

In the words of CEO Kranen:

” The greatest benefit we’ve received is a large number of qualified opportunities. We wanted customers that fit a certain profile, and who had project starts within the next 6 months. TACTICS was able to march through the territory and come up with a list, not only by qualification criteria, but also by time. We knew what was urgent, what was hot, and what could wait for three months. Having that time sensitivity was invaluable. “