CEO’s Problem Statement

When Virtual Silicon was just getting started, we needed to develop a business plan that described accurately to potential investors and customers what we were going to be doing. It was important to us to get an independent opinion about our market outlook and customer situation before we rolled the company out.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Market Validation

  1. quantitative measurement of design trends and market size
  2. qualitative interviews with leading technology companies

Key Account Identification:

  • engage 6 qualified customer prospects


  1. Clear validation of business strategy
  2. First round funding achieved quickly
CEO’s Testimonial

It was difficult for us to get qualified sales people in place fast enough to gather the kind of market research information we needed in the early stage of the company’s growth. What TACTICS brought to our party was the ability to open certain doors that we probably couldn’t get into. Customers were more comfortable talking to an independent research firm about many of the ideas that we had.