Many companies hire new sales representatives on the hope that they posses a “magic Rolodex” of accounts willing to buy their products. If only life were that simple. The “magic Rolodex” is a myth, akin to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Why? The answer is simple – how much does your company overlap the one your newly-hired sales rep came from? There are probably 6-10 prospects that carry forward. Outside of that, the requirements of companies in “the Rolodex” diverge from what your firm is offering. This is a common paradox – companies hire sales reps because they have a head start with 6-10 accounts. After that …. What? You need to invest in helping your sales force find and qualify (this means, mostly, DIS-qualify the wrong account types) bonafide sales opportunities.

If your are selling through a direct sales force to other business, then you know that understanding territory and when prospects will become qualified candidates is crucial. Tactics has help companies develop prospects in new and existing territories, focusing on both the “PAIN” that they need to solve, and the timeframe in which they will buy solutions.

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Tactics has a proven track record of helping startup companies develop a strategic sales viewpoint of companies in new, or existing territories. Below you can visit case studies for:

  • Verisity (NASDAQ: VRST, acquired by Cadence NYSE: CDNS) an electronic design automation company achieved success. It was opening new territories to continue growth and needed to ensure new sales teams were effective right away.
  • Actel, a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: ACTL) was looking to develop a major accounts program to continue its growth.