Here at Tactics we believe that solving problems that customers will pay money to fix is a key for a successful, healthy business. Remember the adage “no pain, no sale”. Our approach centers around helping our clients identify, understand, and solve their customer’s problems. And understanding the competitive landscape so that you can dominate and neutralize competitive threats.

Knowing your market sweet spot is knowing, completely, your target customer, their workflow, problems, and pain(s) that you solve. It also means knowing how to find and qualify those customers. And nurture them until they are comfortable with you, or the time is right for them to buy. And it means being able to demonstrate your value, i.e. why they should buy from you. Finally, it also means how to destroy your competition and neutralize them at accounts that are in your sweet spot.

Tactics uses a mix of techniques spanning high volume, statistically rigorous third-party survey research, or 1:1 interviews, to engaged first-party selling to identify your sweet spot. These yield actionable insights that you can use to make decisions about your product’s feature set, pricing, partners, or messaging.

Tactics combines together multiple tell-tale questions that indicate a need to find your Market Sweet Spot. Some common variations of this question include:

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