Do you need to establish the most profitable pricing for your product or service? Are investors demanding you demonstrate the customer ROI of your products?

Getting customer feedback on what your products are worth to them and where to set price points is difficult. Customers know that when they are ‘talking’ with a current or potential vendor they are really ‘negotiating’. Information they disclose is shaded by their perceived objectives.

Working through an independent third party avoids this problem. Tactics has a proven methodology to gauge how your target customers perceive the value of your products/services. In a recent project, our client was leaving money on the table. They estimated the value of their software at 10% of the value perceived by their target customers.

If you need to price your products, or demonstrate your customers ROI for using your product/services call Tactics today!

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Pricing is difficult. Its like the aphorism attributed to Niels Bohr “Prediction is very difficult. Especially it’s about about the future.” (Source: The Economist,

Tactics has develop a set of tools to help. These range from comparisons to products/services already in use, to more statistically difficult, yet rigorous, like van Westendorp price sensitivity analysis, or full-blow conjoint analysis.  Check the “blog” section of this site for updates on these topics.

Setting technique aside for a moment, you might be interested to read this case study where Tactics found that buyers valued a solution as being worth 10x what their developer though it was worth.