As your product nears launch, your attention must shift from technology and development to marketing issues. A whole new series of questions arises:

  • Where can you become profitable most quickly?
  • What revenue model is best?
  • Which aspects of your product have the most customer appeal?

Let Customers Show You Your Sweet Spot

Tactics can seek out senior executives in your target market to test your value proposition and find your sweet spot. You’ll benefit 3 ways:

  • You will learn exactly what target market and value proposition constitute your ‘sweet spot’
  • You’ll receive detailed, accurate feedback directly from customers in that target market
  • You’ll see & hear customers evaluate your plan, in their own words

If you want to find customers in your sweet next week, contact us today!

Find Out More!

Click here to see a sample market sweet spot report prepared for SuccessFactors (a randomized version of their real name) a San Francisco Bay Area client who made HR software for large enterprises.

Here are case studies where Tactics answered this question for its clients:

  • PowerX Ltd, a Manchester UK developer of high performance serial bus interconnect switching fabric integrated circuits.
  • TransEDA, an electronic design verification company offering design verification tools.